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1-10 lbs

10-100 lbs

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Fruit Stands If you’re nearby, visit our fruit stands to pick up one, two, or several pieces of fresh Florida tropical fruit. Open all year. We Ship! 1-10 lbs 10-100 lbs 100+ lbs
Robert Is Here 305-246-1592 Y Y Y Y
Comfort Farms                    longan air layers 305-248-5369
Going Bananas    plants 305-247-0397 Y
Pine Island Nursery 305-233-5501 Y
Ag Equip. & Services
These members provide the perfect tools and services for the serious grower. Contact them for your grove needs.
Clip-N-Pick Clippers, fruit pickers, clippers           Agri-Valley Sales 772-486-3491 Y
Grove Hedging & Topping

Unity Groves 305-632-8193
LADDERS, GROVE 6′-16′           Health & Happiness Farm 305-248-4505
TFGSF Supporters
These organizations support TFGSF and assist us in our goals of research and promotion of Florida tropical fruits. Thank you all!
Dade County Farm Bureau 305-246-5514