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Mamey Sapote Pouteria sapota
Photo Credit: Ian Maguire

The Mamey Sapote is a fruit that is grown and adored around the world in tropical and subtropical climates. It takes well over a year from flower to mature fruit, but it is well worth the wait for this delicious fruit. Florida mamey’s are of high quality and ship very well; they can be sent quickly to your door from the farms listed below.

Season: April-October

Watch our mamey sapote video

Cooking with mamey sapote

UF/IFAS Factsheet – for Mamey


We Ship!

1-10 lbs

10-100 lbs

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We Ship! 1-10 lbs 10-100 lbs 100+ lbs
Glory Groves 786-351-9433  N
Health & Happiness Farm 305-582-5099 Y Y
Lara Farm & Nursery 305-799-7805 N
Ruiz, Ramon 305-253-2052  Y  Y
Unity 305-245-2146 Y Y