Ripe For The Pickin’ !

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Ripe For The Pickin’!

 January/February 2017

The “winter” is upon us when our nights may dip into the upper 50’s and the high temperatures head for 80 degrees during the shorter days. But despite our cool temperatures, south Florida tropical fruits are ripening in the trees and our growers are harvesting these tasty treats! Contact one of our growers to send you a little taste of summer during this long winter stretch.
See what’s ‘Ripe for the Pickin’ now and for these next few weeks!

now until January/February
The Florida avocado season is winding down, but there are still a few avocados to enjoy. Florida avocados are lower in fat content, are larger than the grocery store avocados, and these Florida fruits have a luscious flavor that is perfect for salads, sandwiches and guacamole. Florida avocados ship very well,
so have some shipped today!

Click here to reach our avocado growers


limited availability
Florida bananas are so much more tasty than the grocery store bananas. Ours bananas are moist, have a delicate texture, and have hints of strawberries and citrus and other subtle flavors. Our growers also raise plantains, which have a lower sugar content than the dessert bananas, and they make wonderful tostones and fried plantanos.
Our banana growers can ship fruit to you today!


December – June
The oh-so-delicious sapodilla crop is ready for picking. Because there are several varieties of sapodilla that mature at different times, the Florida sapodilla harvest extends from December to the summer! So contact our sapodilla growers here to see when their crops will be Ripe for the Pickin’!

Starfruit / Carambola
Now until February
The starfruit crop is underway and will continue into February. These lightly sweet fruits are crisp, juicy and perfect for dessert, stir-fry’s, salads, and eating out of hand.
Contact our starfruit growers here.


 Keep checking here on this page to see which Florida tropical fruits will soon be…

Ripe for the Pickin’ !